Could Azimut’s New 3D Virtual Showroom Signal The Future Of Yacht Shows?

Azimut Yachts A-Room virtual showroom

Flying to a yacht show to discover the latest brand presentations or waiting for a contact to be in town to secure an meeting seems like a distant memory. With the boom of Zoom and other digital communications platforms, getting information and access has become, at times, more efficient than ever. However, for many people interested in luxury yachting, the absence of shows has left an irreplaceable dent. Essential opportunities for research and networking, the traditional yacht show has been difficult to digitise during the pandemic, but a number of brands have tried. One such company is Azimut Yachts.

This week, the Italian yacht manufacturer unveiled its latest digital investment, the A-Room, a virtual showroom where people can discover previews of new models from the ease and safety of their computers. Clicking the link connects you to a 3-D virtual space designed to look like an Azimut Yachts stand – down to the (albeit empty) meeting sofas. Clicking around the ‘room’ leads you to discover different collections – select one you like to delve into an archive of photos, videos and technical data – and screens displaying brand videos.

Azimut Yachts A-Room virtual showroom


The highlight is the stage atop which floats the shipyard’s latest novelty – at the time of writing, this is the S3 Yacht. In the coming weeks, Azimut will use the platform to present other novelties including the digital debut of the newest Flybridge Collection yacht, the Azimut 53 Flybridge, as well as live streamed events.

“The initiative is driven by the desire to further open up to digital technology, recognising it as a system that can engage powerfully with owners, customers and yachting enthusiasts, also on an emotional level: an additional communication opportunity that will go alongside the traditional channels,” the brand says. “This initiative confirms therefore the Shipyard’s desire to engage in an ongoing conversation with its customers, experimenting with new forms of interaction at a time when digitalization represents a fundamental and inevitable step towards a better customer experience.”

Azimut Yachts A-Room virtual showroom

This isn’t the first time that Azimut has dived into the digital showroom world. In spring 2020, it launched the Virtual Lounge, a similar but less tech-heavy content platform. The ‘lounge’ was used as a base from which the brand hosted a three-day ‘e-boat’ show which resulted in another first for the company – the first online sale in the shipyard’s history (an Azimut S6).

In both instances, the case for a virtual show as a means to keep clients engaged and updates is evident. The question remains that is, in a post-Covid world when restrictions on travel and large-scale events are removed, will they remain relevant and in what capacity?

Azimut Yachts A-Room virtual showroom

As a journalist, there are pros and cons of both – speed of information being one positive for a virtual offering. With a showcase like this, all of the information the brand wants you to receive is easily accessible, however what you’re missing is the opportunity to ask questions, push for extra information and discover stories that fit outside of a brand’s marketing strategy. As a client, you’re missing the personal touches, the networking opportunities and the lifestyle which is vital to the industry’s success. Perhaps, the answer is that virtual showcases could be used alongside traditional physical presentations to drum up interest and built awareness ahead of a major launch – in this case, the Azimut 53 Flybridge. Watch this space.

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