Feadship’s Next Generation Superyacht Is Opulent And Efficient

Feadship’s newest 300-foot-long superyacht launches in Holland

As with many superyachts Feadship builds in the Netherlands, their newest, the 300-foot-long Project 817 was built for an experienced buyer who has chartered virtually every Feadship available in the global fleet over recent years. And since the owner of this new yacht has also owned other Feadships as well, it’s obvious he knew exactly what he wanted.

However, what may not be so obvious when you see the sheer magnitude of this project is…part of the design brief of Project 817 was to make sure it the environmental impact of this pure custom superyacht would at around the same levels as his previous Feadship, despite 100-feet shorter.

The people (in the blue overalls) and the houses in the background give you an idea of just how big … [+]


One of the ways in which this was accomplished was to install an exceptionally advanced hybrid propulsion system. This will allow Project 817 to travel a comfortable 12 knots on diesel-electric power in the pristine areas the yacht is set to explore. In this mode, all exhaust emissions are treated via the Tier III catalytic convertors and diesel particulate filters. A large battery bank ensures optimum generator loading and a smooth power grid. The top speed in diesel direct mode is 20 knots.

Other advanced green technologies deployed include the waste treatment plant and heat recovery systems. An immense amount of work went into optimizing the efficiency of the air-conditioning so as to prevent excessive power consumption. This is especially crucial on a yacht with floor-to-ceiling glass windows, something which required taking a different approach to structural design in order to compensate for the complete absence of bulwarks.

Feadship Project 817 is launched

Giant walls of glass are a prominent feature in the exterior design by Feadship Studio De Voogt and Azure. They also obviously play a key role in the open beach-house-style interior by Peter Marino Architects. The owner’s philosophy has influenced every aspect of the design inside and out, with an abundance of clean lines. For instance, all doors in the sides of the superstructure that would normally be hinged have been fitted as electric sliding doors. Closing flush to the superstructure with no handles, hinges or recesses, this super-smooth solution has been applied to all crew access, deck locker and guest access doors.

Feadship’s 300-foot-long new super yacht Project 817 makes its debut.

The hull is painted in a special pearl-white paint and been designed, engineered and built to be as efficient as possible to reduce the engine power required.

And now that the Monaco Yacht Show has announced that it will take place again (fingers crossed!), I bet we’ll be seeing Project 817 and many more superyachts in person (finally!) this September.

Stay tuned for more.

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