Alex Hall Wins X Games Real Ski 2021 Gold

Aspen, CO – January 31, 2021 – Buttermilk Mountain: Alex Hall competing in Jeep Men’s Ski Slopestyle … [+]

X Games’ Real series—a collection of filming video competitions throughout the year in skate, BMX, moto X, snowboarding and freeskiing—is a fan favorite for its progressive tricks in urban environments.

Through 2020 and 2021, however, as the world continues to quarantine during Covid-19, the Real series has taken on even greater resonance, as athletes make the best of the features around them even as their riding has been limited by travel bans, closed parks or resorts and social distancing measures.

The video parts for Real Ski 2021, perhaps as a result of all this, felt a little more sendy than usual—and freeskier Alex Hall, who won the judges’ gold medal, was the sendiest of all.


The 22-year-old strung together one mind-bending trick after another in his part, which was filmed by Etienne Merel—proving that when it comes to street skiing, he’s at the top of the game right now.

Hall’s jaw-dropping tricks were enhanced by his chosen spots, which included everything from a staircase that allowed him to do a double rail transfer, more than one roof and, perhaps the craziest trick of the edit, using a baseball backstop as a trampoline for a 360 and a side flip dismount.

As much as Hall’s skiing impressed the judges, who announced their medalists during the behind-the-scenes World of X Games: Real Ski 2021 show on ESPN2 Sunday, the comments on Hall’s part made it clear that he just may have locked up the fan vote, which will be announced Monday, too.

“Years ahead of the rest of the pack. Part was full of enders,” one YouTube comment read.

“Alex Hall is one of a kind. The creativity/execution is next level,” said another.

“This dude is like the alex hall of skiing!” even got an “Lol” from the X Games account.

At X Games Aspen 2021 in January, Hall took bronze in men’s ski big air.

The other entrants in this year’s contest included Lupe Hagearty, Taylor Lundquist, Tanner Hall, Alex Hackel and Ferdinand Dahl.

This year, skiers were allowed to use any location they wanted, and some video parts (including the end of Hall’s) mixed in a few big mountain and backcountry tricks, but fan response seemed to indicate the people wanted urban skiing above all.

In his part, Hall, already one of the best on-mountain freeskiers of his generation, just pushed the envelope in a major way for urban skiing too.

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