A Single Line From ‘WandaVision’ Sparked A Hilarious Meme On Twitter

Paul Bettany and Elizabeth Olsen of ‘WandaVision.’ (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for … [+]

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is infamous for receiving an inordinate amount of praise from fans and critics; the franchise is so absurdly popular, that every memorable moment tends to provoke a rather intense reaction.

The franchise is just as famous for attracting the ire of cinephiles (most famously, Martin Scorsese), who tend to be frustrated at the way in which Disney has monopolized the theatre, creating an assembly line of content with their MCU merchandise machine.

Hence, a single tweet, framing one of Vision’s lines from WandaVision as some kind of awe-inducing masterpiece, quickly went viral.


The tweet perfectly encapsulated “Marvel mania,” i.e., the deluge of praise directed at Disney’s golden goose. It’s a nice line, I guess, but hardly the stuff of screenwriting legend; one Twitter user even typed “deep thoughts grief” into Google, and found plenty of Instagram quotes expressing similar sentiments.

The rest of Twitter quickly went to work, satirizing the original tweet.

Although, not everyone found the joke funny; we’re living in draining, difficult times, and some people just want to earnestly enjoy their Marvel content without being mercilessly mocked by the internet.

To be fair, much of the exaggerated praise directed at the MCU is probably being written by teenagers – it’s not really surprising that such a popular franchise inspires gushing reactions. And on the internet, reactions tend to be reduced to a binary of love and hate; there’s not a lot of attention given to lukewarm takes.

The Marvel movies and shows are either the greatest story ever told, or they’re sugar-coated, corporate sludge. But the vast majority of viewers really don’t care about this little internet scrap – they just want to watch something with their kids that doesn’t make them fall asleep on the sofa.

For what it’s worth, I think most people simply enjoy Marvel for what it is; a fun slice of escapism, with familiar characters and cool concepts. The obsessive super fans are indeed hilarious, but they’re not really representative of the general viewer.

They do, however, make a good meme.

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