From A-Rod To Adriana Lima, Why Celebrities Are Signing Up For 54D, A $4,000 Miami Workout

54D’s founder Rodrigo Garduño (R) offered the workout for free during lockdown on his IG Live channel, garnering some 35,000 fitness enthusiasts live each morning.

When Rodrigo Garduño, fitness trainer and founder of Miami-based workout 54D, was watching President Biden’s televised inauguration on January 21, he saw one of his own students, former Yankee Alex Rodriguez, accompany performer Jennifer Lopez to the ceremony.

“We didn’t think he was going to make it to class that day because he was in D.C., but he was here at the training the same day, on time, which really shows commitment,” says Garduño.

Roughly 54 days later, the former Yankees shortstop was a proud graduate of the high-intensity group fitness regimen, 54D. From supermodel Adriana Lima, to Latin singers Juanes, Fonseca and Carlos Vives, 54D is a who’s who of celebrity fitness lovers who have joined or completed the “human transformation program.” The workout costs $3,900 and meets for 9 weeks, 6 days a week, for 54 days.

Supermodel Sweat Session: Adriana Lima would tune in virtually with Garduno’s workouts during the pandemic.

“We only rest on Sundays,” says Garduño. “It’s a human transformation program, it’s not just about fat and muscle.”

54D is much more than a sweat session. It consists of four pillars: high-intensity training, customized nutrition, recovery therapy and community. “The on-site program feels like a university where you start the same day as the rest of the team and go to the same hour class every day until you graduate,” says Garduño. Up to 35 students (25 during Covid-19) are able to join a cohort at the Miami studio.

When the pandemic started, Garduño, a former soccer player with 1 million followers, began filming workouts from his Miami backyard, then began streaming them daily via Instagram live. Some 40,000 people from all over the world were tuning in for inspiration during lockdown.

The engagement on Instagram inspired Garduño to launch an online program, 54D ON, which costs $385. The virtual version now has 20,000+ graduates and active members from more than 75 countries. Going digital has helped him grow 54D to a fitness company with roughly $8 million in annual revenue, according to Forbes estimates.

As for the in-studio program, students delve into a mix of indoor and outdoor classes combining cardio, boxing, HIIT, weightlifting and more. All 24 full-time trainers are, like Garduño, former professional soccer players. “They have 15 years in stadiums dealing wi