The Best New Movies To Stream On Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, HBO and Peacock This Weekend

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April is just around the corner, which means a wave of brand new streamable movies is on the horizon. All of the major streaming platforms, including outlets like Netflix NFLX +1.5%, Amazon AMZN +1.6% Prime and Hulu, will unleash dozens of new films onto their platforms in less than two weeks. And we’ll be here to guide you towards the best options.

But until then, you have to remember: each of those streaming platforms will continue to release new movies up until that April 1 date. And that includes this weekend, when five of the biggest streamers—Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, HBO Max and Peacock—will give us nearly a dozen new options.

Here are the top films to expect over the next three days. And at the end of the article, you’ll find a full rundown of every new movie available to you this weekend.


In a career revival that continues to surprise just about everyone, Nicolas Cage has gone rampant with his career lately—in a good way. Concentrating almost purely on genre flicks, Cage has starred in some truly offbeat films as of late, including projects like Mom and Dad, Mandy, Color Out of Space and (coming later this year) Willy’s Wonderland. Keeping in line with that trajectory is Jiu Jitsu, in which a team of jiu-jitsu fighters bands together to fight off alien invaders.

One of the great under-appreciated treasures of cinema over the years has been IFC Midnight, which has distributed independent projects, foreign films and documentaries for the past two decades. One of its latest releases is the 2020 movie Hunter Hunter, in which a family must protect themselves from both a dangerous wolf and a mysterious wounded stranger.

These days, it’s the stuff of Hollywood lore. Beverly Hills Cop was originally conceived with Sylvester Stallone in mind for the lead role of Axel Foley. But after Stallone dropped out, Eddie Murphy came in and took the soon-to-be-wildly-successful franchise in a hilarious new direction. I’d encourage everyone to sift through the entire Beverly Hills Cop trilogy on HBO Max, as all three films hold up.

Most people remember Aaron Paul for his fantastic turn as Jesse Pinkman on the AMC series Breaking Bad. But Paul has continued to churn out great material since that show’s finale, which includes the 2016 thriller Come and Find Me. In the film, Paul plays a man named David who finds out that his lover is leading a double life.

Amazon Prime’s lone release this weekend is the teen romance Words on Bathroom Walls. The film centers on a boy named Adam, who is diagnosed with a mental illness during his senior year of high school. He then falls for a girl who inspires him to grow beyond his condition.

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