Tips For Strategic Brand Activations On Clubhouse

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These days, audio is king. People are turning to voice-activated smart speakers, audiobooks, podcasts and now, Clubhouse, the popular voice-chatting app that’s been downloaded over 10 million times globally since it launched.

People like to express themselves and feel safe doing so on Clubhouse, primarily because of the app’s policy of deleting temporary audio recordings when rooms end (a caveat is that if a user reports a violation while a room is active, Clubhouse keeps the audio to investigate the incident, then deletes it once it’s done investigating the matter).


This transparency presents brands with an opportunity to give voices to their people in a relatively comfortable setting. They feel safe within the Clubhouse guidelines.

Clubhouse is a highly effective channel for brand activations. Currently, there are some brand accounts on the platform. However, most brands have been getting involved by leveraging their executives or influencers they’ve partnered with. With C