Who Is John Walker, Falcon And The Winter Soldier’s New Captain America You Already Hate?

John Walker

Yesterday, fans were treated to the premiere of Falcon and the Winter Soldier, which looks to be a somewhat more traditional return to the MCU as opposed to WandaVision’s explicit weirdness.

But the episode ended with a rather big moment for the entire universe, one that I wanted to dive in here for people who have already watched. Spoilers follow, clearly.

I am of course talking about the man we see above, who is not named in the episode, but his name does appear in the end credits: John Walker.

After telling Sam it was the right thing to turn over Captain America’s shield and not take up the mantle, the same official immediately goes and appoints this new, faux-Captain America that all Falcon and the Winter Soldier viewers hate immediately, given how much we love Chris Evans’ Steve Rogers, and as such this feels like blasphemy.


So, what’s really going on here? As you might expect, this has roots in the comics, though how the show will use this character may differ from what we’ve seen in various pieces of source material.

Wyatt Russell (Photo by Peter S