No, That’s Not All Of Cyberpunk 2077’s 1.2 Patch Changes


Yesterday, Cyberpunk 2077 released an odd sort of 1.2 patch notes preview as told through one of the game’s news anchors. It was a fun little narrative exercise, but once you cut through the extra text, there weren’t actually very many fixes announced:

As such, players read through that piece and wondered if those were the only changes coming to the game in the new patch, but CDPR has now clarified that no, that’s not the case and full patch notes are still on the way.


I can’t say I’m super impressed by what was mentioned/shown off already. The car steering, stuck issue and dodge rolling problems aren’t really even ones I encountered. And while the police AI has been clearly bad from the start, I’m not sure this fix does all that much to change the fundamental problem. Here’s a video of the new police AI in action:

In the video, instead of police insta-spawning, a police drone insta-spawns. The police also spawn in without arriving in cars or anything, they just do so a little further away and out of sight. Granted CDPR says that this is only a first step in truly fixing police, but fundamentally yeah, I don’t think it will change all that much.

This patch is a big test for CDPR because they have been pitching it as the biggest the game has seen to date, though that’s kind of a low bar to clear, given how 1.1 went. And if there are more patch notes to come, presumably they wanted to feature the “highlights” here, and I wonder if everything is just bug fixes and performance stuff, rather than any real quality of life things or significant AI tweaks.

PS Store

My guess is that the main goal of the 1.2 patch is to fix the game enough where Sony finally lets it back on the PlayStation store, where it has been de-listed for three months, and it was only ever live there for a week. This has to be costing them millions in sales, as it’s not just the PS4 version that’s down. Since there are no separate versions for new-gen consoles, it’s not being sold for the massively popular PS5 either. That’s a problem, and console sales have been down noticeably in recent months as a result. But it’s not clear what it will take for Sony to relent, or if they’re content to hold this grudge indefinitely.

Another common thing players note is that many of the problems CDPR is addressing have already been solved by modders for weeks or months now, so if you’re really invested in these types of changes, you already have access to them on PC, plus bonus fun stuff like new cosmetics or Cyberware.

In any case, we’ll see how this goes. This teaser did not offer a patch date, but if they are still targeting end of March, the most logical guess would be next Friday, March 26, as that’s when big updates usually hit for them. Stay tuned, we’ll see how this goes this time.

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