The Gap Between Destiny 2’s Trials And Nightfall Ordeal Weapons Is Wide

Igneous Hammer

This week is a big one for high-end loot chasing in Destiny 2. We saw the launch of Grandmaster Nightfalls, and the surprise reactivation of Trials of Osiris with that mode’s massively powerful hand cannon low-hanging fruit at 3 wins/failure bounty.

But I have to say that in the initial offering of Ordeal/Grandmaster loot here, if this is meant to be something on par with Trials, but, on the PvE side, I’m just not seeing it.

For Ordeals we have:

Shadow Price – An assault rifle with an archetype in a terrible spot.

The Swarm – A machine gun that isn’t significantly different from most others, and MGs aren’t exactly what you’re devoting your heavy slot to most of the time in PvE for obvious reasons.


The Palindrome – Perhaps the most sought after of the bunch, but a subpar archetype in the era of 120s.

But Trials? Trials loot is out of control these days. Desperado Messenger. Two-tapping Igneous Hammer. Astral as more or less the only viable non-sunset primary PvP shotgun. A sword with chain reaction. A fusion rifle with a completely unique charging perk. A rocket launcher with loads of god roll options. A sniper that still has Vorpal. The list goes on and on.

Shadow Price

Ordeal weapons have Bottomless Grief, a new perk that is the PvE equivalent of Celerity. And since Celerity is garbage, it too, is garbage. Past that, there’s little to make GM loot feel powerful or unique, even with the adept versions. The new Big Ones mod is a good start, but it’s best used with…Trials adept gear, most of the time.

Maybe this is just the start. Trials loot didn’t start out as anything all that special, I suppose, with Astral really being the only thing anyone cared about for a while. But I sort of hoped they learned from that for the launch of GM adept loot, and it doesn’t seem like that’s the case.

Perhaps this will change in time, but right now I certainly don’t see the point in slogging through GMs for that loot specifically. And in lower tiers which are more farmable, I can get even “god roll” drops like a Feeding Frenzy/One for All Shadow Price and still have it be…bad, given the spot that type of weapon is in, and there certainly aren’t any unique perks with the only new one, Bottomless Grief, being something you actively want to avoid.

If Trials loot can evolve, I believe that Ordeal/Grandmaster loot can too. But right now I think the scales are tipped wildly in the favor of Trials, which is why you see PvE players jumping off cliffs for a hand cannon as opposed to running Nightfalls this week. I hope this changes in the next few seasons and this loot will be coveted as much as Trials loot now is.

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