8 Durable Air Mattresses That Won’t Deflate On You While You’re Sleeping

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Today’s best air mattresses are as tall as regular beds, with features like built-in pumps and USB outlets.

Whether you’re planning on having overnight guests, camping, or just need a spot to crash temporarily while you furnish a new apartment, an air mattress is a must. But anyone who’s ever spent the night on sub-par air mattress at a friend’s place knows the dangers of selecting the wrong one: That dreaded 3am wakeup when your butt hits the ground thanks to a half-deflated mattress. If constantly searching for pinholes to patch doesn’t sound like fun to you, then I’d suggest investing in one of the best air mattresses below.

Today’s best air mattresses are not only durable enough to withstand multiple house guests, but come with bonus features like self-inflating pumps, built-in headboards, and “never flat” options that maintain constant pressure throughout the night. While an air mattress may never be as comfortable as a regular bed, we think the models below come pretty darn close—and happy shoppers agree. (Pro tip: For an extra-comfy air mattress set-up, add a mattress topper.)


Made by mattress company Serta, this sleep surface has a lot going for it. One of its biggest features is a built-in dual air pump system. One pump inflates and deflates the mattress, while the other continuously monitors and silently maintains your preferred air pressure during the night. The mattress has 35 circular coils for extra support and is lightweight enough to easily tote from room to room.

What the Reviews Say: One five-star reviewer said they slept on this Serta for months during a home remodel. “I was worried I was going to be in pain from sleeping on it for so long, but it was more comfortable then real mattresses I have had in the past,” they wrote. Another raved about the ease of adjusting the mattress. “If you like a firm mattress, this can be hard as a rock, but if you prefer a more plush feel, there’s a setting for that too,” they wrote. A fellow fan said that, “the never flat system on this mattress works really well.”


This mattress is an Amazon bestseller, with more than 24,000 five-star reviews. The SoundAsleep Dream mattress is not messing around: It has a build-in air pump that puffs the sleep surface up in four minutes or less. Prefer a firmer feel? Just click on the pump again. Once it’s blown up, it can stay at your desired level for days. The mattress has a dual, double-height chamber for extra cushioning. It even has an extra-thick, waterproof flocked top made of puncture-resistant PVC.

What the Reviews Say: One called it a “fantastic air bed,” noting that it stayed inflated for five days when guests stayed over. “They commented on how comfortable it was and how well they slept,” they wrote, adding that the raised sides of the mattress are “genius” because it doesn’t make sleepers feel like they’ll roll off. Another five star fan called the SoundSleep “the greatest air mattress in the world,” pointing out that they got at least two weeks of use out of one inflation.


Simmons purposefully made its air mattress tough. The mattress is crafted out of extra-thick vinyl that’s puncture-resistant, making it highly unlikely you’ll wake up sleeping on the ground. It also has cross-section oval beams to reinforce your lumbar area and keep your spine in line. A built-in pump lets you easily inflate and deflate the mattress, while a pillow top keeps you extra comfy while you sleep.

What the Reviews Say: “Can’t get much simpler than this set up; everything is built in,” a five-star fan wrote in the reviews. “I bought this mattress, hoping it would be easier on my back. I’ve used it twice and have not been disappointed.” Another said they “couldn’t even tell I was laying on an inflatable mattress, it was very comfortable.”


We don’t actually recommend cheaping out on an air mattress you plan to have for longer than a few months—you’ll save money in the long run by investing in a more durable model. But if you need an air mattress STAT and don’t want to spend more than $50, the Intex Dura Beam is your best bet. It’s mind-blowing to be able to get a quality queen-size air mattress with a built-in pump for just $30. It’s got a velvety sleep surface plus the company’s own Fiber-Tech inner construction for stability and support, with a pillow rest for added comfort. When you’re done, simply set the mattress to deflate.

What the Reviews Say: Overall, fans were impressed with the value. “A pump with this price—amazing,” a five-star reviewer wrote.


Scrunching onto a mattress that’s smaller than you are isn’t exactly a recipe for a good night’s sleep. King Koil’s California king mattress is specially made for taller people, with seven feet of sleeping length, and can hold up to 650 pounds of weight. The mattress inflates in just 2.5 minutes with a built-in pump, and has a soft flocking layer and built-in pillow to keep you comfortable throughout the night.

What the Reviews Say: Tall people appreciate this mattress’ ample room. “My husband is 6’3″ and weighs about 260. I’m not a little person, either. It was much more comfortable than we expected it to be,” a five-star reviewer wrote. “If I could give this 6 stars I would,” another said. Worth noting: Plenty of people said in the reviews that the King Koil customer service is top-notch.


Thanks to its built-in inflatable headboard, the Intex Ultra Plus Deluxe is a great option for overnight guests, providing a little extra support behind their heads. The mattress features fiber-tech threads for a tighter, firmer, and more durable mattress. It also has a built-in, easy-to-use pump that lets you inflate and deflate with the push of a button, plus a carrying case for convenient storage. A plush air pocket pillow top gives you supreme comfort while you sleep, while the headboard helps keep your pillow from falling off your sleep surface during the night.

What the Reviews Say: “This is by far the most comfortable inflatable bed I’ve ever slept on,” a five-star reviewer wrote. “The bed is durable and sturdy, does not leak air and the headboard feature is awesome.” Another fan said the bed “inflates and deflates in less than five minutes,” while one person said the bed allows their spare bedroom to be multi-functional.


A no muss, no fuss air mattress, the Quickbed Airbed is made for sleeping outside. It features an antimicrobial sleep surface that resists odor, mold, mildew, and fungus—key features for using it outside. The mattress also has a special coil construction for added comfort. A double lock valve helps prevent leaks during the night, while a soft plush top makes for a cozy sleep surface.

What the Reviews Say: One camper said they “could not be happier” with this mattress, noting that it “stays inflated very well” and is “very comfortable.” Another fan said that they’ve “never slept this well while camping,” adding, “you can roll around and not worry about rocks or stones.”


While older kids would probably feel more comfortable on a “normal”-sized mattress, little ones can cozy up in this award-winning travel bed. It’s specially designed for kids that have grown out of a pack-n-play but aren’t quite ready for a full-sized mattress. The mattress features inflatable guard rails for safety and an inner mattress that you can tuck sheets around. A compact air pump is included.

What the Reviews Say: This mattress has earned an army of fans from parents in search of a just-right sleep surface for their younger ones. “It literally took about one minute to air up and deflate,” one wrote. “The bumpers also work well to keep my son, who moves a lot in his sleep, on the bed and not ending up on the floor.” Another fan said that both their 4-year-old son and 11-year-old nephew are comfortable on the bed. “Love, Love, Love,” they added.