20 Ways To Celebrate International Women’s Day With Residential Wellness Design Gifts

Treat the women in your life and home with wellness gifts to celebrate International Women’s Day.

Today is International Women’s Day. The first observance took place in 1911, according to its organizers, and it still exists to celebrate women’s achievements and equality.

If there’s a woman in your home – perhaps a wife, partner, parent or friend – whom you’d like to honor, here are 20 ways to support her health and well-being with wellness design gifts.

Add wellness to any shower with a customizable aromatherapy hand-shower.

Aromatherapy is the science of enhancing well-being with scent. One of the easiest ways to add it beyond a candle or sachet is with a customizable aromatherapy hand-shower. For days when she’s rushed with all of the demands on her schedule, she can take a quick, efficient shower. For days when she has a few extra minutes – and needs a boost – adding a spa-inspired aromatherapy experience can be restorative to her mood and energy.


Other bathroom-related gifts with wellness benefits include:

Programmable coffee makers simplify hectic mornings.

Recent studies have shown that coffee has definite wellness benefits for those who have no medical issues with it. Consider getting the woman in your life a smart coffee maker that can be programmed to pour her favorite brew at the time she starts her day. Forbes.com just published a shopping guide to the best machines in each category.

Other kitchen-related gifts with wellness benefits include:

An outdoor pizza oven is a great gift with wellness potential.

Spending time outdoors in nature has definite healing powers. If you live in the city, that’s tougher to achieve than those in the suburbs or rural areas, but it’s definitely not impossible. You don’t need acres to create an outdoor haven with nature features. Containers can hold small trees or plants. An umbrella can provide shelter if there’s no overhang. Small outdoor cooking appliances can help create healthful meals. One that has become popular is a wood-fired pizza oven. There are built-in and portable versions, the latter being easier to add more quickly and take with you when you move. Forbes.com published a shopping guide late last year than provides helpful selection tips.

Other easy outdoor-related gifts with wellness benefits include:

Desk risers add wellness potential to work from home spaces.

If the woman in your life has been working from home this past year, and will likely continue to do so indefinitely, you can definitely support her achievements by enhancing her workspace. Consider making it healthier with a desk riser as a quick, easy gift. This will make computer work more ergonomic, and give her the opportunity to alternate sitting and standing during her day.

Other home office gifts with wellness benefits include:

Organic bedding is a gift that delivers years of wellness benefits.

When she finally gets to rest her head at the end of the day, make sure the woman in your life gets to do so in the most sleep-supportive way possible. One wellness gift idea is organic bedding. This will pamper her skin and breathing for years of healthy comfort. If she’s your significant other, you get to share the benefits too.

Other bedroom gifts with wellness benefits include:

I’m a Wellness Design Consultant and Mayo Clinic Certified Wellness Coach with 17 years in the building, home design and remodeling sphere. Simon & Schuster/Tiller Press