WWE SmackDown Results: Winners, News And Notes On March 12, 2021

Daniel Bryan vs. Roman Reigns contract signing

WWE Friday Night SmackDown advertised a contract signing between Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns, Bianca Belair and Sasha Banks on The KO Show and the return of Big E.

Last week’s broadcast of Friday Night SmackDown garnered 2.252 million viewers.


Edge’s character is is becoming increasingly paranoid with every passing week.

Daniel Bryan “going into business for himself” is the focal point of this budding feud between Bryan and Edge.

If and when Daniel Bryan loses to Edge, it seems like WWE is building to a last chance match between Daniel Bryan and Edge. If Bryan is going to try to go out with a bang in what may be his final WrestleMania, he’ll need to exhaust all resources.

The finishing sequence of this match was great with every babyface except Angelo Dawkins doing a high-flying move, including Montez Ford’s insane direction-switching Frog Splash.

Why did The Miz get a WWE Championship rematch one week after he was obliterated for the title while The Street Profits have to continue to sing for their supper?

My favorite part of this act is Shayna Baszler looking like she wants to be anywhere else.

I keep waiting for an explanation as to why Reginald continued to go behind Carmella’s back and pal around with Sasha Banks. The longer WWE doesn’t pay it off, the more I’ll just assume they forgot.

This was on its way to being a pretty good match before Seth Rollins interrupted and went on his tirade/beatdown.

Just as I was thinking how I’d rather see Seth Rollins feud with anybody other than this vanilla Cesaro character, Shinsuke Nakamura came face-to-face with Rollins. Bless you, Shinsuke

Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn looks like it could be the direction for WrestleMania, and I’d be totally fine with that.

What are the odds that the Dave Meltzers of the world, not to mention WWE’s 55 and older audience, understood Bianca Belair’s “you wasn’t with me shooting in the gym!” reference?

I consider Sasha Banks (and her evil cackle) a heel until further notice.

As entertained as I am with the Reginald-Nia Jax storyline, I hate the fact that it is anywhere near a world title program for WrestleMania.

What does Sasha Banks care that Reginald has new digs? It really does seem like she’s jealous of Reggie and Nia.

Big E was in full gear while wearing a neck brace and using a crutch, which pretty much gave away the fact that it was a ruse.

This was one of the best Big E promos since he became a singles star, if not the best.

Big E said whoever gets in the ring first will get a shot at his Intercontinental Championship, which prompted Sami Zayn to slide into the ring and celebrate like he had just been called up on The Price is Right.

Corey Graves insisted Big E was nowhere near 100%, but he could have done a better job selling that.

Apollo Crews vs. Big E should be a WrestleMania match, not a Fastlane Match.

All Daniel Bryan had to do was call himself the head of the table and it pissed Roman Reigns off enough to sign the contract.

This whole night was building to a Roman Reigns.

If (and when) Jey Uso loses to Edge next week, he’s going to be in such deep doo doo with Reigns.

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