Your Child Can Apply To Be The First Ever Kid Creative Director At LEGO, And Receive $10K

LEGO is hiring their first ever kid Creative Director to work with a group of young influencers, and … [+]

The pandemic has been hard on everyone, and pushed us all to pivot and adapt to this new world. For kids, this meant finding new ways to be creative and use their imagination from their home over the past year. From new ways to play, to creating their own music videos, kids have pushed the boundaries of imagination and redefined creative play. The LEGO Group, in particular, has taken notice. “Kids are really our role-models at LEGO” says Amanda Madore, Senior Brand Relations Manager at LEGO Systems, Inc. “They are creative geniuses and we see from a very early age that they can do such incredible and inspiring things”

Which is why today the LEGO Group is beginning their search for its first ever Kid Creative Director to join the Kids Creative Studio (KCS), a creative team led by kids and focused on showcasing and inspiring the imaginative superpowers of today’s youth. The Kids Creative Studio was inspired by the recent launch of LEGO® VIDIYO™—a playful and innovative music video maker experience, and is made up of nine top kid influencers and creators, including:


Along with these young superstars, the winner will work directly with creative professionals from the LEGO Group and Universal Music Group. The KCS will be in charge of creating a brand new video ad for VIDIYO. This experience is not only a dream come true for most kids, it also will provide valuable real-world experience. The group will have regular virtual meetings, and will follow a process similar to LEGO’s internal creative teams. Madore says that while they will provide direction and guidance, they want to encourage the full range of creativity and imagination these kids posses, so the KCS will have full creative direction over the final product.

Speaking of real-world, the job also pays. The winner will receive $10,000 from LEGO to help him/her on his future creative and educational endeavors. “This may be video editing equipment for future film makers or computer programs for a young graphic designer.” says Madore. The $10,000 will be given on behalf of LEGO in agreement with both the child and parent.

Kids must be between 7-17 to apply, but besides that the criteria is purposefully broad. “Kids have such incredible imaginations, we didn’t want to limit their creativity. They can submit a photo, video, artwork, can be anything that shows their creative endeavors.”

Madore says there is a lot of excitement within The LEGO Group around their new hire. “Kids know better than anyone what innovation and creativity look like. We’re a company made up of adults so we want to make sure we’re taking into account the voices of kids. You never know what will come out of this, and we’re excited to find out.”

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