Stocks This Week: Buy Apple And Intuit

Photo: Boris Roessler/dpa (Photo by Boris Roessler/picture alliance via Getty Images)

This will be March open expiration week (OEW) which has an upside bias. Stocks are likely to set new highs again.

The cycles of Apple Computer are giving buy signals on all time windows, daily, weekly and monthly. The daily cycle hits a low on March 16th and tops on April 6th. Eight of eight such signals have been profitable in the last year. The weekly cycle bottomed on March 5th and tops on April 10th; all seven buy signals have been successful. The monthly cycle bottomed on the 6th and has been correct in all five cases. The stock has risen 51% of the time in March but 60% of the time in the month of April. In fact, the most bullish day of the month has been March 18th, up 65.5% of the time for an average 1.1% gain. The stock may challenge $130.

Apple Daily Cycle

This cycle has been highly accurate.

Apple Daily Graph

The stock is oversold as the cycles begin to ascend.


Intuit INTU -0.8% is likely to rise in the next week. Here is the cycle reasoning. The daily cycle rises from the 12th through the 20th. The weekly cycle rises into the 15th. The daily cycle has turned prices up in 11 of the last 12. The weekly cycle has done likewise in 7 of 8 cases. In fact March has closed on the upside 67.9% of the time. Relative strength has been much stronger than that of the average big tech stock. Price is likely to rise closer to $425.

Intuit Daily Cycle

The Intuit cycle bottoms now.

Intuit Daily Graph

Momentum is oversold and turning up.

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