Top Ten Ways To Use Social Media To Make Your Book A Bestseller

Leverage the organic reach by building an audience that would be genuinely interested in your book … [+]

Books don’t promote authors; authors promote books. An author who writes a book to promote their business needs to shine the spotlight on the book in hopes of gaining buzz.

When it comes to promotion, Minal Sampat is an immigrant who thinks big. In 2013 at the age of 28 she launched her first marketing company by breaking a Guinness World Record (for the most simultaneous mouthwash swishers at one time).

Born in India, Sampat grew up in St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands, and now resides in the state of Washington with her husband. In 2020 Sampat used her social media skills to make her book, Why Your Marketing Is Killing Your Business And What To Do About It, an international Amazon bestseller. We met when she needed help editing the book.

The dirty little secret of books is that unless you are a celebrity, the publisher expects the author to promote the book. Even if you are a celebrity, the publisher expects the author to do most of the promotion. Naturally, the best place to promote is to go direct to readers with social media.


Recently I interviewed Sampat to find out how her book marketing campaign was so successful. Here are Sampat’s top ten ways to use social media to create a bestseller:

Just this year, Sampat launched Marketologist, an online marketing strategy school for healthcare practitioners, coaches/consultants/speakers, and aspiring marketing ambassadors. To learn more or get in touch, please go to

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