How To Keep A Conversation Going: 10 Ways To Connect And Engage With Anyone, Anywhere

Time to talk?

That awkward silence. We’ve all been there. Maybe it’s when you’re meeting someone for the first time. On a date, even. Or in a job interview. Have you ever felt afraid that you would run out of things to say? That you would let the conversation drop, even though you really wanted to get to know this person? Or you really really wanted the job interview to go better? Here are 10 proven tools for turning any important conversation into an authentic exchange, with friends, loved ones, or your new co-worker. It’s time to go from awkward to easier, in ten simple steps.

What can you do, to let people know that you are open to the kind of conversation that they want to have? That’s the simplest part of any conversation, really. And it’s also the most valuable.

Just listen.

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