MLB The Show 21: New Legend Revealed And Details On Hitting And Pitching Updates

MLB The Show 21 will feature one of these Yankees legends when it releases in April. (Photo credit … [+]

Every Thursday leading up to the April 20 release of MLB The Show 21, Sony San Diego Studios will post a deep dive Feature Premiere video. The first in this series focused on updates to pitching and hitting.

It also revealed Sony is adding a new legend to the game for Diamond Dynasty and franchise mode. It’s New York Yankees great Alfonso Soriano.


The render looks spot on, and it is captured on the PlayStation 5 version, which only augments the clarity. Soriano is a great addition to the game, but needless to say, The Show fans would love to see his old double-play partner, Derek Jeter, added this year too.

The upgrades to the pitching are pretty extensive, but not as much to the game’s hitting aspect. From the top, you can choose a casual, simulation, or competitive gaming experience. Similar to Madden, the play styles dictate the way the user is most comfortable.

Competitive online gamers want their stick skills to matter most, while sim guys and girls want the players to play true to their attributes with errors and other happenstance mixed in. Casual players want a more loose and easy, pick-up-and-play experience.

The hitting changes seem to center on check swings. This was a hot-button issue in the community last year, and Sony has decided to allow players to have more control over this mechanic. They have done away with the Discipline attribute used to help determine a player’s ability to check his swing.

That’s not a thing in MLB The Show 21. Mostly, Sony used the hitting portion of the video to show data that proves the results generated from the varying levels of contact are working properly. In my experience, I’d have to agree, but some would swear they aren’t being rewarded for perfectly timed hits often enough.

Perhaps switching to competitive gaming styles will suit their needs. There is a really nice addition to the practice mode for those trying to work on this aspect of your game. You can practice hitting any pitcher’s repertoire, in any region of the strike zone, and at varying velocities.

It seems like an outstanding way to improve your hitting. The pitching mechanics have really seen the most work. This year’s game introduces the Perfect Accuracy Region (PAR), mechanic. This is designed for the higher-skilled players who want to create a bit more of a skill gap in the game’s pitching portion.

If used properly, PAR will show users how and where to aim pitches in and out of the strike zone with impeccable accuracy, but the execution is a bit more difficult. You can still use meter and analog controls, which is something I love about The Show.

They never force their new mechanics on you and always allow return users to play the way they have for years. I haven’t seen anything that will push me off zone hitting and metered pitching and throwing from the field. However, we’ll give it all a look during the review.

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