It Already Seems Like Destiny 2’s Stasis Nerfs Won’t Go Far Enough

Destiny 2

I just finished playing Trials of Osiris this weekend, and I am using the definition of “playing” pretty loosely here, as it’s a non-stop parade of being frozen while simultaneously trying to freeze other people.

Stasis has been dominating PvP since its arrival in Beyond Light, but it’s even more pronounced in competitive modes where you feel like you’re at a distinct disadvantage if you’re not using it on most classes, Titan and Hunter especially. The most common team composition in Trials is no doubt three Revenant Hunters at any given time.

Now, Bungie has listed a whole bunch of Stasis nerfs coming, and yet after continuing to freeze my way through PvP, even though I agree the issues they’re addressing are problems, I still don’t think it really gets to the core of why Stasis is so bad in the mode. But let’s go through the changes first:


Destiny 2

Like yes, it’s a lot, and yet I feel like it’s still not really addressing the worst parts of Stasis in PvP, just how bad it feels to be slowed and frozen.

There are no changes here to freeze times, which have been made in the past, nor player movement or accuracy while slowed, as accuracy especially becomes practically non-existent. It’s true that getting frozen in Stasis is almost a recipe for guaranteed death 95% of the time, barring some miraculous teammate intervention, but I could argue that slowing is almost worse given that it happens more frequently. Being tagged by a single Hunter projectile, for instance, can cause you to auto-lose a gunfight when your accuracy evaporates. And in gun battles that are over in less than a second, that’s all you need to die. The only real way to fight that is with Stasis skills that give the same disadvantage to your enemy, hence why…almost everyone is going Stasis.

This is why the “just remove Stasis from PvP” crowd exists, but because it’s not super damage resist or projectile target acquisition that’s the problem, it’s the fundamentals of the Stasis as a subclass. The freezing and slowing just make PvP feel…bad. Gunfights are decided mostly by status effects, not actual out-dueling.

I don’t know what the answer is here. This seems like a practically insurmountable problem, given that you’d almost have to get rid of these effects altogether, and then in that case, what even is the subclass in PvP at that point? It’s a borderline impossible puzzle.

I think that these PvP-specific changes are good and should help in selection situations of Stasis feeling overpowered. But will it change 80% of competitive players running the class? Will it make being frozen and slowed feel any less frustrating? That’s not what I’m seeing in these patch notes.

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