Here Are The Five Bethesda Games Getting Xbox Series X Frame Rate Boosts

Fallout 76

This past week, Microsoft announced that 20 different Bethesda games would be arriving on Xbox Game Pass as a result of their finalized purchase of the developer. But a quarter of them will soon have additional benefits, namely an FPS boost from Microsoft’s accurately titled tech program “FPS Boost.”

This is a Microsoft-specific invention to try and boost the frame rates of older games, and the ones in the Bethesda list that are set to get boosts up to 60 FPS will include:

So, pretty much the main heavy hitters, including Fallout 76, which is still getting new content releases to this day. What does this look like? Microsoft already showed off the potential of this system back in October using Fallout 4 itself, so we can see what it will look like using that exact game in the video below:


While many console players may be used to 30 FPS, especially on older games, seeing them side by side the difference is pretty stark, and 30 FPS actually kind of hurts my eyes in that video. Maybe I’ve just become a frame rate snob between PC and the new gen consoles, but that’s where we are. This should work on both Xbox Series X and Series S, though there is no date for when this FPS boost will go live, and it did not arrive with the addition of the games. It also won’t be mandatory, in case you want to play the game at a lower framerate for…reasons.

Most of Microsoft’s focus for its Bethesda acquisition has been on old titles, and ironically, the next major Bethesda release is a temporary PlayStation exclusive, Deathloop, given that the deal made there was in place from before the purchase. But I would expect that Microsoft will want Bethesda to start showing off more soon. We’re getting a new DOOM trailer next week, but I’m talking more like footage of Starfield and Elder Scrolls 6 that are more than just title cards, which is all that we’ve had to go on for ages now.

Microsoft also confirmed that the main point of purchasing Bethesda was to get exclusive games for Game Pass, heavily implying that most future releases will not be for PlayStation or ported to Nintendo. The first major test of that happening is yet to come, however, and it’s not clear what the first truly massive Microsoft exclusive Bethesda game might be, but my bet would be Starfield. We’ll have to wait and see.

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