When Does ‘Fortnite’ Season 5 End And Season 6 Begin?


The end is nigh. Mere days remain in Fortnite’s fifth season of Chapter 2.

It’s time to wrap up the last batch of double-XP challenges, find the final week’s worth of XP coins, and wrap up the Season 5 Battle Pass. Finishing this week’s Legendary Quest should help with that as well.

So when does Season 5 end and Season 6 begin?

Your last day to finish up challenges and get that Baby Yoda Back Bling is Monday, March 15th. The single-player adventure that kicks off Season 6 will air on Tuesday, March 16th when the season begins (whenever downtime is over, typically in the early morning hours).

Epic has released the first teaser for Season 6, featuring a fed-up Jonesy babbling about the Order and the end of all reality:


This could contain a clue or two about the next season’s theme, which may have a sports or soccer/football twist.

Downtime typically begins in the wee hours, so I’d expect Season 5 will end in the middle of the night either late Monday the 15th or very early in the morning on Tuesday the 16th. I’ll update this post once Epic announces the specific timing. Downtime usually lasts two to four hours, so I expect players will be able to login well before breakfast depending on your time zone.

Epic never tells us exactly how long downtime will last, but I’d guess closer to four hours with a big seasonal update like this. Then, of course, you’ll need to download and install it which will be internet-speed-dependant.

I still have no idea what Season 6 will be like, though I’m excited for a change and hope we see some significant changes to the map at the very least, which still feels like a lesser map than the original.

What do you think will happen at the end of Season 5? Any guesses for Season 6?

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