‘Destiny 2’ Alert: Banshee Is Selling The Most Important Warmind Cell Build Mod

Destiny 2

Alright, I don’t normally do posts like these, but today is a special occasion. This is a very important mod rotation from Banshee, as he is selling a key Warmind Cell mod for the first time since August of 2020, and you need to pick it up before it goes away for another seven months.

The mod in question is Wrath of Rasputin, essentially the key mod for most Warmind Cell builds these days, which allows solar splash damage kills to spawn Warmind Cells. This can be abilities like solar grenades, or weapons like Xenophage or Ticuu’s Divination or chain reaction from Code Duello. And it’s the only way to even spawn Warmind Cells anymore outside of a slim selection of Seraph weapons.

This is obviously even more important now that Warmind Cells builds are not being sunset, which was supposed to happen next season when Season of the Worthy stuff went away, including armor and the Seraph guns, effectively killing the concept. But now those will remain intact, though Bungie has hinted that they may have to nerf Warmind Cells in the future, if they’re not going to sunset them any longer.

Destiny 2

Bungie has also said that this system of only allowing seasonal mods to show up at Banshee on the basis of RNG is probably going to change in the near future, but we don’t know when that will be or what that will look like. Right now, it simply relies on the daily rotation to fill in gaps for people if they didn’t play during seasons months or over a year ago, which is not great, and can result in situations like….the key Warmind Cell mod not being sold for seven months.

Warmind Cell builds are still extremely strong in high level PvE content and this is a must pick-up for really any player. I still miss the artifact Warmind Cell build that spawned them on arc ability damage, as those were better builds in my estimation, but the solar one has been a fixture ever since that went away, and that is probably not changing any time soon. I’d frankly be surprised if Bungie kept introducing new Warmind Cell mods in either the artifact or as actual mods, given that they were ready to delete the entire concept from the game just a few weeks ago.

In any case, head on over to Banshee and pick Wrath of Rasputin up. You literally have 24 hours from the time I’m writing this post as these are on daily, not weekly rotations. Don’t forget, and may god have mercy on your soul if you miss this and have to wait an untold number of months again.

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