These Hoka One One Running Shoes Are So Good That I Bought Multiple Pairs

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Before my recent foot surgery, I was looking out for a new pair of comfortable shoes I could wear post-surgery. Not unlike scoping out stylists’ hair when you go into the salon, I figured that if I wanted to find a good style and brand of shoes for my feet post-surgery, the staff, nurses, and doctors working at the hospital would probably have some insight. And that’s when I saw them: Hoka One One shoes.

After my surgery, I was in a heavy walking boot for about a month. When I was cleared to get out of the boot, my surgeon instructed me to wearing comfortable athletic shoes as my foot continued to heal. I read up on some of the best running shoes for women and called a local store that specializes in running shoes to get more opinions.

Hoka One One Clifton 7

Based on many recommendations and reviews, I chose the Hoka One One Clifton 7 running shoes because I was looking for shoes that would keep me stable and were suitable for wider feet because my surgery was a result of needing to fix my bunions. I also really liked the color combinations available, which is somehow always a selling point for me. Women can choose from nine color combinations of the Clifton 7s, but I had a particular color combination in mind: Almond milk and bronze.

Just about every online retailer was sold out of my size in the off-white and pinkish shoes, but then I miraculously discovered that I could get my size if I opted for a wide width. Some reviewers recommend ordering a half size up when getting the wide width version, but because I fluctuate between a 5.5 and 6 in running shoes, I stuck to the size 6. Both the wide width and the largest size that I wear were good calls.


As soon as I got out of my boot, I ecstatically put on the Clifton 7s for the first time. The wide width was actually perfect for both my swollen foot, and the foot that wasn’t operated on. I was surprised by how lightweight the shoes were, especially compared to the cumbersome walking boot I was subjugated to, and how breathable the mesh upper really is. According to Hoka One One’s website, the shoes weigh 7.10 oz, less than one pound. For the next month, these shoes became my new house slippers.

Because the Clifton 7 shoes were designed with runners in mind, these shoes feature an early-stage Meta-Rocker—a Hoka One One design that helps runners drive forward and reduces the height differential from heel to toe—in the midsole and full ground contact for extra stability. A mesh gusset near the shoe’s tongue that helps prevent it from moving around was also a bonus. Even though I haven’t done any running in these shoes, they’ve been a godsend as I regain my foot strength and mobility due largely in part to the level of comfort they provide.

Hoka One One Clifton 7

You’ll find some reviewers who don’t love the Clifton 7 shoes, or Hoka One One in general, for various reasons. Some negative reviewers dislike how the shoe itself fits on their feet, whether that means the toe box feels too tapered or a part of the area under the arch might come up too high. Although I personally didn’t run into a lot of problems with the wide width based on my foot structure, this particular style might not be perfect for everyone.

Spending $130 on a pair of running shoes isn’t a crazy amount compared to others on the market, but it’s not cheap either. I do think the shoes are worth it, though. The biggest complaint I have about these shoes is that the heel tab comes up a little too high for my liking and has started to form a crease line where it folds over to support any pressure. But aside from this small aesthetic complaint, I really do love these shoes, so much so that I recently bought my second pair in the same color combination as before because I think they’re that good.

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