Brand New 464-Foot-Long Superyacht Is Like ‘A Warship Wearing A Tuxedo’

NORD is a 464-foot-long Superyacht that looks like “warship wearing a tuxedo”

One of the many things I love about writing about superyachts is my eternal quest to find the right words to explain just how exclusive, and frankly excessive the newest and largest superyachts in the world actually are. Sometimes photographs that show yachts that are well over 300-feet-long at the shipyard before their launch or show just how small a 6-foot-tall shipbuilder looks in contrast to the yacht in drydock provide a useful sense of scale.

The “tiny” people on the bow provide a sense of just how big a 464-foot-long Superyacht is.

And sometimes, a sense of scale can be achieved when the size of a yacht is compared to the size of an American football field. For instance, Jerry Jones’ superyacht Bravo Eugenia (built by Oceanco in the Netherlands and designed by the Nuvolari-Lenard firm in Italy is 56-feet longer than the field Jones’ beloved Dallas Cowboys play on.


NORD is a 464 Superyacht that was launched recently.

But, when it comes to describing one of the newest and largest superyacht to be launched this year (the 464-foot-long NORD built by Lürssen in Germany), I must pay homage to Dan Lenard of the Italian design studio Nuvolari-Lenard. It appears that he and his firm were not only responsible for NORD’s striking exterior and interior design. NORD’s distinctive bow design has never been before seen on a yacht. And as you can see, Lennard is an inspired wordsmith as well!

NORD gets underway.

“NORD was designed with one idea in mind: she must cause strong emotions in every observer, not only through her sheer size, but with the design itself. No one should be left indifferent,” says Lenard. “Whether you like the design or not, it must strike you. Nord is a serious ship first and foremost, but she also transcends the traditional language of yacht design. She is a warship wearing a tuxedo, an explorer with the elegance of a gentleman’s yacht. We have entered a new direction in serious yacht design.”

NORD was briefly called OPUS during sea trials

Woah! I literally could not have said that more descriptively than NORD’s designer. Chapeau Mr. Lenard!

Meanwhile, Lürssen Managing Partner, Peter Lürssen adds, “At Lürssen, we believe that to build a yacht it is vital to work as a team, and to execute such a comprehensive project, an excellent team is necessary. In this case, the team consisted of the design team from Nuvolari-Lenard, Moran Yacht & Ship who supervised the build on behalf of the owner, and, of course, the project team from Lürssen. We are looking forward to NORD finding her place amongst her peers as a remarkable statement in large yacht construction, based on a strong design and expert engineering skills.”

During my previous life as an editor at several American yachting magazines, I was lucky enough to sail thousands of offshore miles on a wide variety of boats. My job as