Streetwear Label KROST has More Than Just Fashion In Mind For Its Latest Collaboration With FILA


After a year like this one, ogling over the latest fashion drops feels myopic. That is unless your purchase has a greater impact than merely satisfying your frivolous need to shop. That is precisely the case with cult-favorite streetwear label KROST. For designer Samuel Krost’s latest collaboration with FILA, the brands teamed up on a footwear collaboration with a campaign highlighting young organizers and activists making a difference with social causes and grassroots initiatives across seven different organizations, like Food Bank for New York, BK Community Fridges, March For Our Lives, The National Alliance on Mental Illness, Stomp Out Bullying, Encourage Kids Foundation, Freedom March NYC, The Descendants, and advocates committed to the LGBTQ+ Empowerment Movement. KROST believes that a unified community and unconditional support of friends is the catalyst for change. The brand’s “Support Your Friends” slogan can be found on the sock liner of the sneaker which is still available on Basic.Space. Additionally, 10% of the sales will go to each of the participating organizations, along with a singular donation from KROST and FILA.

Below, we spoke to Samuel Krost about this collaboration and the responsibility the fashion industry has in creating meaningful change in the world.

The goal of our next campaign was to dig deeper into the brand’s story by highlighting the activists who develop and form the incredible organizations that we’ve been privileged to partner with since we’ve launched. We viewed the upcoming collaboration with FILA as an opportunity to work with a brand that has such great reach to really push the stories of these activists as far as we could. On the product side of the collaboration, it was incredibly exciting to be the brand chosen to release FILA’s newest silhouette.

Collaborating with such an iconic brand to produce a never before seen silhouette was an incredible milestone for KROST and a significant personal achievement for me. Personally, some of the most vivid memories I have as a child are of my grandfather wearing the heritage FILA tracksuits. To now collaborate with that same brand is a great story for me personally. Overall, I think it says a lot about a 2-year old brand collaborating with a brand the just celebrated it’s 110th year anniversary.


Of course. Every collection that we release, our goal is to increase awareness surrounding a different social cause. As a brand we’ve tackled gun reform, climate change, food insecurity and providing our local community with the basic necessities of life. The goal is to push our work further in these areas so as to make the greatest impact possible. These missions are rooted in the brand’s DNA and there’s no plan to change course anytime soon.

I think we all need to create with a purpose in mind. We don’t just need more “things,” but product, whether tangible or not, that ultimately can help make the world a little bit of a better place.

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