In An Empty Antwerp Museum, Christian Wijnants Unveils His Autumn-Winter 2021 Women’s Ready-To-Wear Collection For Paris Fashion Week

PARIS, FRANCE- Christian Wijnants unveiled his autumn-winter 2021 collection.

In a setting that looked like a closed museum after hours, with no art on the wall, Christian Wijnants unveiled his autumn-winter 2021 collection. The Belgian designer is known for his use of vibrant color, artisanal knitwear and rich use of graphics. The maroon walls and wooden floors created an overcast mood of luxury fashion saying “I’m still relevant” in a time of Corona. And while the walls of the Antwerp Royal Museum of Fine Arts were purposely empty Wijnants is posed the question: ‘how would you fill the space?’ as models navigated his art through the corridors.

Sponsored by L’Oréeal Paris, Wijnants created looks of various shapes, some flowy, some oversized, and some elongated. Elegant coats for the next autumn winter season present themselves as a cocoon, appearing as if they are cut out of a woolen blanket, with peasant shapes from the Medieval era. Using draping techniques with heavy wool for skirts, the designer wanted to give the effect of curtains grazing old wooden floors. “A long-sleeve floor length dress is styled with a down scarf worn as a hat, materializing the old paintings that stood out in Christian’s memory,” notes the House in a statement.

PARIS, FRANCE- Christian Wijnants unveiled his autumn-winter 2021 collection


Wijnants first visited the museum as a student at the start of creating his eponymous label, along with his connection to art. Before, he had worked for Dries Van Noten and Angelo Tarlazzi. Known for its Flemish Primitives and Baroque paintings, the Antwerp Royal Museum of Fine Arts was a place for Wijnants to escape. And now, with its empty walls, he has opened up a world of vision with this new collection, offering a feeling of serenity and wonder this is the art of fashion.

It’s a collection of stripes, inspired by the chevron wood floors throughout the museum; as well as floral patterns of overdyed and large ancient tapestries. Creating a color palette of cooler hues from antique pink, mint, fresh lime, and pistachios, Wijnants paired them with warm tones of emerald, bronze and rust.

PARIS, FRANCE- Christian Wijnants unveiled his autumn-winter 2021 collection.

He has his flagship store in Antwerp and in 2019 he revealed his first menswear collection. It takes a team to create a collection and Inge Grognard was the makeup behind the show; Ed Moelands was in charge of hair; Lennert Madou is credited with photography; Klaartje Lambrechts for backstage photography; Erik Peiren for video; and Senjan Jansen handeled music. And, five models showcased the various looks: Britt Ensink, Ilona Desmet, Laura Meier Hagestad, Mara Kasanpawiro, and Marie-Ange Gueye.

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