Boston Beer Is Giving Away Bitcoin

Angry Orchard is giving away Bitcoin

Want to get your hands on some free Bitcoin? Boston Beer Company has you covered.

As part of a unique promotion for its Angry Orchard hard cider brand, Boston Beer Company has partnered with Square’s SQ -0.9% Cash App to give 17 people $500 worth of Bitcoin for the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day holiday on March 17, 2021.

The company — also known for its Samuel Adams SAM +5.6%, Truly Hard Seltzer and Twisted Tea labels — has teamed up with promotions website, which is selling “Green Seventeen” packs of Angry Orchard’s Green Apple cider for $39.95 each (including shipping).

According to the official rules, 17 of the multi-packs — which will be available for purchase until March 17 — will include “golden tickets” that can be redeemed via the Cash App for $500 worth of Bitcoin. However, you must purchase the packs by March 11, 2021, if you want them to arrive by St. Patrick’s Day.


An FAQ published on the GiveThemBeer website states that 250 of Angry Orchard’s “Green Seventeen” packs have been produced, meaning your odds of scoring $500 of the popular cryptocurrency are pretty great — about 6.8%.

However, a disclaimer notes that product sales could be extended “pending popularity.” So, if those 250 packs get snatched up before the promotion ends, Boston Beer could decide to produce and sell more.

And like any good promo that seems too good to be true, there are a couple of other catches.

Due to current alcohol shipping laws, GiveThemBeer cannot send hard cider to Alabama, Alaska, Kentucky, Hawaii, Mississippi and Utah.

Additionally, drinkers in California, Missouri, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Texas, Vermont and West Virginia are not eligible to receive the Bitcoin prize.

However, if you’re a legal drinking age adult who resides in any of the other 37 U.S. states where alcohol delivery and Bitcoin giveaways are permitted, feel free to try your luck.

But there’s also another way to get in on the action without spending any of your hard-earned cash.

Boston Beer is legally obligated to provide an alternative method of entry, and if you read the fine print, you’ll learn that you can also participate in the contest by mailing a 3×5-inch card with your full name, complete home address, email address and telephone number to Boston Beer’s corporate headquarters (One Design Center Place, Suite 850, Boston, MA. 02210)

It’s unclear whether all 17 “golden tickets” would be included in the “Green Seventeen” packs, or if some would be reserved for those who choose to participate via the alternate method of entry.

A spokesperson was unable to confirm whether Boston Beer would consider issuing additional winning tickets to those who write-in, however official rules explicitly state that “17 total prizes are available in the promotion.”

The decision to give away Bitcoin, which as of press time is currently valued at more than $49,000 and has a nearly $1 trillion market cap, was born out of a desire to “surprise and delight” Angry Orchard drinkers, according to Boston Beer senior communications specialist Taylor Roy.

“We’ve been partnering with GiveThemBeer for a variety of projects across our portfolio for years now,” she said via a statement. “We’re always exploring new ways for our drinkers to experience our products, and GiveThemBeer has helped us do just that.”

But don’t expect Boston Beer to follow in the footsteps of public companies like Tesla TSLA -3.8% and Paypal PYPL 0.0%, which have added Bitcoin to their balance sheets in recent months.

Roy said the company is not currently looking to buy any Bitcoin for itself.

To participate in the Angry Orchard Golden Ticket Promotion, visit the GiveThemBeer website. And be sure to read the official rules, and the FAQ.

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