‘Call Of Duty’ Is Down: Warzone, Black Ops Cold War, Modern Warfare Servers Down

Call Of Duty is down.

Call Of Duty servers appear to be down Friday morning.

It’s unclear if this is a widespread problem or regional, and we don’t know yet when servers will come back online.

Players on console and PC are reporting the outage. I was unable to connect on both my PS5 and via Battle.net. Players are also reporting a server queue with a notification warning that servers are experiencing”high volume.”

While this could be maintenance, it does not appear to be a planned outage. I’ll update this post when we find out more.

It’s also entirely possible that servers will come back on the moment I hit “publish” because Murphy’s Law. It’s real.


For now, however, if you’re experiencing login issues or other problems you can just play something else.

Stay tuned.

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