New Broadband Service Promises “Unbreakable” Home Connection, Even If Landline Drops

Vodafone Pro Broadband.

Vodafone, the international mobile network, has today revealed a service for the U.K. which will offer fast connectivity that stays in place no matter what. And it’s priced so it’s much cheaper than some major competitors.

Vodafone Pro Broadband, as it’s called, will use a regular phone line or fiber connection to offer a fast connection but additionally has 4G back-up so if the landline fails then the system uses hybrid router technology to switch to Vodafone’s cell network.


Crucially, the switch is designed to be seamless, providing the supplied 4G dongle is plugged into the router. It’s designed only to be used when the fixed line has failed.

Such an offering isn’t new – BT announced its Halo 3+ system recently which works on the same principle and uses the fact that BT owns mobile network EE. What is new is the price. BT charges $91 (£65) for this service, Vodafone’s cost for Pro Broadband starts at $48 (£35) which is so much less that it will certainly turn heads.

You can spend more, if you want faster speeds. For the very fastest speeds, 900Mbps, then the cost is $83 (£60), though this still comes in at less than BT’s service. It requires Fiber To The Premises to be available in your area.

You could also spend an extra $11 (£8) for the Pro Xtra plan which adds an Apple TV 4K streaming box with 12 months’ subscription to Apple TV+ included.

So, is it worth it? Well, there’s no denying the ubiquitous nature of Vodafone’s 4G network.

If Vodafone’s mobile network were less impressive, then it would be hard to make the claim of “unbreakable” but Vodafone’s 4G spread is very wide indeed. Its 5G service is also widespread and growing but that’s not a part of this service for fixed connections.

There are other tariffs available. If you don’t need the clever new seamless backup feature, then prices start at just $30 (£22) for a regular Vodafone Broadband package, with average speeds of 100Mbps.

It’s very clever timing, of course. During the pandemic when so many habits have changed, it’s a moment when many people may be taking stock of their home network, especially if more of a burden is being placed on it because of needing to work from home.

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