Historic Anthology IV Is Bringing 25 New Cards To ‘Magic The Gathering Arena’ This Month

Abomination of Llanowar is going to make Historic Elf decks pop.

While Magic the Gathering Arena may not be getting Time Spiral Remastered, Wizards of the Coast has announced a whole bunch of cards will be making their way to the game’s Historic format later this month.

On March 11, Historic Anthology IV will introduce 25 cards from various paper sets into Arena’s non-rotating format. The entire collection will cost either 4000 jems or 25,000 gold until June 10, though you will always be able to craft the ones you need through wildcards.

Curiously, the anthology includes cards from both the Amonkhet and Khaladesh blocks that were previously omitted from Amonkhet Remastered and Khaladesh Remastered. Cards like Adorned Pouncer, Torment of Scarabs, Faith of the Devoted and Inspiring Sanctuary all make appearances now, months after other cards from their original sets were already introduced to the format.


There are some very exciting inclusions here too, though. Notably, Commander Legends, Modern Horizons and Double Masters will all make their debut in Arena, thanks to the likes of Abomination of Llanowar (a must-have for any black/green Elf deck), Triumphant Reckoning, Collected Conjuring and Blinkmoth Nexus.

We’re even getting Death’s Shadow, an incredibly mid and late-game black creature. Costing only one black mana, its power and toughness are 13 minus your current life total. Either throw it out as a last resort, or build your deck around losing life as quickly as possible to overwhelm your opponent with a massive, cheap creature. In the paper game’s Modern format, Death’s Shadow has been a popular card, so seeing how it fits into Modern will be interesting.

Honestly, I think the biggest inclusion in this Anthology is going to be Abomination of Llanowar. Elves are exceptionally popular at the moment thanks to how many of them were introduced in Kaldheim, and so having a graveyard-loving, elf-loving beast on the board is going to appeal to many players. It’s also very nice to see Commander Legends finally make an appearance in Arena.

To see the full list of cards coming to Historic, check the Wizards of the Coast blog post announcing it.

Historic Anthology IV will launch on March 11 in Magic the Gathering Arena.

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