It’s Time To Kill 13 More Of Destiny 2’s Pointless Currencies

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is constantly trying to make itself accessible to new players, and also slim down its offerings to not overload itself with remnants of past ages. And I think there’s one way in particular the game needs to keep going with this concept, and that’s to axe uh, most of the current currencies cluttering up our inventory.

Destiny 2 did get rid of a lot of currencies when Beyond Light hit due to the vaulting of various zones and activities, but there’s more work to be done. And I maintain that the game is still overcrowded with pointless, outdated items that do nothing but confuse new players and take up space for veterans.

So, what’s left to cut or change?

Dark Fragments – Make Petra’s stuff just cost glimmer like normal. Also hey, make those bounties worth actual XP again for good measure.


Tincture of Queensfoil – This is a little more complicated than most, given what you need it for, but I say make Tincture an auto-unlocked mod for Dreaming City armor.

Charges of Light – Strip Blind Well down to a single Tier and just let people activate it, rather than it costing this currency.

Destiny 2

Phantasmal Cores – Just convert this moon currency to glimmer.

Phantasmal Fragments – God, I have so many of these. Remove them entirely. Glimmer cost instead.

Hymn of Desecration – Automatically make the weapon chance drop increase for those encounters, considering the new weapon reprisals for the dungeon are the main point of running it.

Pure Matterglass Lens – Get rid of these and weapon telemetries from the game entirely, for the love of god. Remove those Ghost mods too for good measure and replace them with something more useful.

Rainmaker – Just auto-activate the glimmer buff whenever you would get one of these, don’t make it an item.

Finest Matterweave – Remove these from the game since cores drop from half of all legendary drops now.

Mod Components – I know a few things are still sold for these but I have 2,000 of them and it’s absurd. Remove them and change to glimmer/materials cost for what remains.

Destiny 2

Ghost Fragments – These exist for like, a single step in the Forsaken campaign and no one is running Spider Bounties after that. Remove them. Change bounties to glimmer. Give those bounties better XP value

Herealways Pieces – I know Beyond Light is still recent but I have 800 of these and the farms that use them are too long and pointless. Remove them, let people do those farms as much as they want since they’re not good anyway.

Vanguard and Iron Banner Tokens – Tokens are dying, and these should go away too. Imean, let people spend the ones they have, but phase them out, as soon as next season, maybe. Replace them with the new Crucible/Gambit rank system which is better anyway. IB needs a little more work given that it doesn’t have reputation, but the token system is bad there regardless.

Weapon Parts – Alright I won’t say to fully remove these, but let me spend like, 500 weapon parts to target farm a single drop from Banshee or something. I have 22,000 of these and there has to be a better use for them than random spamming.

Those are my thoughts. Anything else I should add?

Some thoughts on disabling Trials this much:

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