‘The Division 2’ Is ‘Rerunning’ Old Seasons As It Works On New Content

The Division 2

Ubisoft, despite tasking Massive with making Star Wars and Avatar games, has decided that it will continue supporting The Division 2 with content in some form or another for a little while longer to come.

But what that will look like will be…a bit odd, and especially unusual for the live service genre.

In a new blog post detailing what Massive will be working on along with Ubisoft Bucharest, we learned that there will be a new game mode (not a reprised one), and that they will be making new ways to progress your agent to work on build diversity and flexibility.

Sounds good, but that upcoming new content is still a ways off, and in the meantime, The Division 2 will continue with its seasons, but by “rerunning” old seasons.

For instance, the blog states, season 5 will be season 1 again, it will “rerun” that season and its missions and targets so you have the ability to get anything you might have missed when that season originally aired. There will be new apparel events and some game health title updates, but the content of the season will be stuff you’ve already played. And it’s implied this may be done for more than one season, with no indication of when the new stuff being worked on may actually arrive.


The Division 2

It’s…certainly a choice. It’s hard to imagine say, Destiny 2 re-running an entire past season of content, though I suppose we should acknowledge that game has done things like bring in old Destiny 1 zones and strikes as “new.” But like to just suddenly have it be Season of the Forge again would be sort of strange. Then again I do miss those weapons…

Anyway, given the circumstances, this probably is the best course of action for The Division 2, as they can’t make both new seasonal content and also work on these larger additions coming later. It’s once again the stress of the live service genre where there simply is never enough content to keep people occupied all the time without some shortcuts, but The Division is in a better place than the recently killed Anthem or Avengers with its yawning gaps between new content drops.

The future of The Division as a franchise remains nebulous. I wrote a “eulogy” for the game when I heard about the Star Wars news, as I thought it would essentially be over. But there’s apparently enough engagement to keep making something for the game, even if the pace of content is going to change dramatically from the last two years. A fully new game in the franchise, however, remains less likely in the near future, given what the bulk of Massive is working on now.

Anyway, we’ll see how this goes. More to come as new information emerges.

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