The Best Height Adjustable Standing Desks To Improve Your Posture And Comfort

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The glass-topped Seville Classics Airlift is one of the best standing desks thanks to its great features.

The best standing desks provide a variety of potential health benefits for the user, from aiding in alleviating back pain to potentially helping weight loss by increasing your caloric output. How much stock you put in those studies is up to you, but sitting for long periods isn’t recommended for anyone, and the best standing desks give you a good excuse to get up and moving more than you would lounging back in your chair (no matter how good it is).

There are a variety of these sit-and-stand desks to pick from too, from electric models which remember your favorite heights, to manual ones with a crank handle that encourage physicality just that bit more. You don’t even need to part with your current desk if you don’t want to—frames and convertible desk stands help you get standing while allowing you to keep the original desk. Here are the best standing desks you can buy no matter what you’re looking for.


Standing desks that tick all the boxes are hard to find, but the Seville Classics Airlift with tempered glass top gets very close. It’s a sturdy sit-and-stand desk which can hold 160 pounds of evenly spread weight, has dual motors for fast and smooth height adjustment, a touchscreen height control panel, and it even has a handy storage drawer and USB charging ports for all your smart devices. Better yet, it does all that for under $500.

This attractive standing desk features a tempered glass surface, which gives it a truly premium feel—and if you like, you can write on it with dry erase pens for quick and easy note taking and doodling. The touchscreen panel is intuitive and accessible, storing up to three specific heights so once you’ve found heights that you like the most, you can return to them quickly and easily. It can travel between 29- and 47-inches, so there is plenty of scope for shorter and taller users, as well as the option of using it as a more communal table if required.

It’s not the biggest standing desk out there, but there’s still plenty of desk space for a large monitor (or multiple), as well as a desktop computer or laptop and all your needed peripherals. The Seville Classic Airlift Tempered Glass is a premium standing desk at an affordable price, making it the best standing desk you can buy today.


EvoDesk offers not only an amazing standing desk for gamers, but a heavily customizable one too. The base model isn’t cheap, but it can handle up to 355 pounds, has powerful fast-moving motors. Plus, it comes with a host of unique features like a mounting point for monitor arms, a cable management tray, integrated storage solutions and desktop PC mounts.

There are gaming desks which are tricked out with RGB lighting and gimmicky effects, but the EvoDesk focuses on what’s most important: a sturdy, powerful sit/stand desk that operates quietly, smoothly and without wobble. It has a programmable controller that lets you set a number of pre-defined heights, as well as control the desk height with a compatible smartphone app. It’s also compatible with optional extras which have a truly practical function, like a built-in treadmill and a Harman Kardon speaker system.

You can even customize what you want your EvoDesk to made from. While the standard laminate-coated wood is the most affordable option, you can pick from a wide selection of hardwoods and some recycled woods.


Budget standing desks don’t offer the same ease of use or flexibility of the more expensive options, but they don’t have to be terrible, either. The AIZ Mobile Standing Computer Desk works well in both seated and standing modes, and offers fine tuning of each corner’s height on an individual basis, so you can even slant the table slightly forward if that’s of particular use to you.

Unlike other budget standing desks, this solution is also relatively sturdy. With an 80lb weight capacity, it wouldn’t be a good idea to climb on it and some larger desktop computers might be better suited on the floor next to it, but for larger laptops, multiple monitors or any PC peripherals you have, you shouldn’t run into any stability issues.

The desk surface measures 31.5 inches wide and 19.7 inches deep, giving you plenty of room for your laptop, keyboard and mouse, and additional displays if you want them. There’s also a handy storage shelf underneath to put other items within easy reach while you’re working or playing.

This desk is also a great solution if you want a new backdrop for your next Zoom call. Its built-in wheels make this standing desk easy to move around whether you’re on hard floor or carpet, and when you’re satisfied with your location, the dual brakes make sure it stays where you want it.


If you have a decent desk already but just wish it would go up and down too, then buying a sit/stand desk frame is a great way to save some money and keep using your existing desk. You’ll need to detach it from whatever frame it has now, but when you have it off, mounting to the Flybold Electric Sit Stand Desk Frame is relatively quick and easy.

This frame supports desk sizes between 41 and 85 inches wide, and has a maximum weight support of 180 pounds, so it can handle even the heftiest of desk surfaces and any computer monitor(s) and peripherals you put on top of it. It’s a single motor solution, so it isn’t the fastest at height adjustment. Dual motor options are available, but they raise the price considerably, so much so you might just consider buying a new desk altogether.

The controller features one-press up and down buttons, as well as three memory modes so you can store specific heights you like to work and play at. It also has a built-in timer, so you can keep an eye on how long you’re standing or sitting in a single session—great if you’re trying to stand more often and ease into it. The Flybold Electric Standing Desk Frame also comes complete with its own anti-fatigue mat to help ward off any foot pain over long standing sessions.


If you aren’t planning to adjust the height of your standing desk very often, or want an extra reason for physical activity during your day, then a manual standing desk is a good way to go. It also saves you some money as you’re not having to shell out for electric motors and power supplies.

The Atlantic Height Adjustable Desk is a sit/stand desk that you can manually shift anywhere between 28 inches and 41.3 inches, giving plenty of scope for all sorts of users big and small. There’s a broad and deep surface to work and play on, so there’s plenty of room for all your gadgets, monitors and accessories.

There isn’t the same kind of weight limit for a manual standing desk, as it all depends on how hard you can crank the adjustment handle. For the sake of your arms you’ll want to avoid putting over 100lbs on there, but if you’re particularly strong you may be able to go way beyond that. Some users have reported that going from the minimum to maximum height can take close to 100 revolutions, so you may want to make changes less frequently than you would with an electric standing desks


If you want a standing desk experience without modifying or swapping out your existing desk, a desk converter is the next best thing. The Flexispot 32-inch converter lets you place your monitor(s) and peripherals on a height adjustable stand so that when you want to stand you can just lift them up with you.

There are a number of different manufacturers for these sorts of devices, but Flexispot offers some of the best build quality and a broad range of sizing options. The 32-inch model here is the largest, giving you additional support for larger and multiple monitor setups, but if you don’t need that much room, there are smaller models you can opt for instead to save a few dollars.

The weight capacity is 33 pounds, so you don’t want to lean on this like you might a full standing desk—especially the keyboard tray, which has a weight limit of just four pounds—but the safety bracing system will prevent any of your hardware from crashing down to the desk if you happen to forget one day. It also helps you lower your electronics back down to ground at a sedate pace to prevent any damage during the descent. This is possible thanks to the X-Lift structure design Flexispot employs. It also offers sliding rails for the entire structure, so you can laterally move your displays left or right a few inches to find the perfect center point for your standing position.

Yes! While you may be used to it, sitting at a desk all day isn’t the best for your health. Among other things, sitting for long periods of time has been linked to a slew of health issues, including heart disease and stroke. That’s why many people have turned to standing desks.

A study published in the Journal of Physical Activity and Health studied participants as they performed computer work, watched TV, stood and walked on a treadmill. The researchers found that, when participants sat, they burned about 80 calories an hour. When they stood, they burned about 88 calories an hour.

Yes, it’s not a huge difference, but those little calories can add up over time. If you used a standing desk for five hours a day, five days a week, you’d burn an extra 200 calories. After four weeks, you’d burn an extra 800 calories, and that can ultimately contribute to weight loss.

The Cornell University Department of Ergonomics also says that 90 percent more pressure is put on your back when you sit vs. stand, so standing may be able to help alleviate, or prevent back pain too. There are no major definitive, long-term studies on the health benefits of standing desks while working or playing, but there are a lot of shorter studies which suggest there is a correlation. You don’t want to stand all day, especially to begin with, but once you’ve gotten used to it and built up your stamina, spending half your day standing and the rest sitting is a good way to stay active, burn extra calories, and ward off chronic aches and pains.

The most important consideration here is how often you want to change position. If you only plan to change between seated and standing once a day or once every few days, then a manual desk is perfectly fine. If you want to change them more often than that, it’s worth considering an electric standing desk instead, as it not only removes some of the physical hassle of changing height, but also speeds up the process. It’s also a good idea to consider a model with height memory functions, so that you can quickly return to your ideal height for sitting or standing, once you’ve found them.

If you like your existing desk, or feel like changing it entirely would be a massive hassle, consider a desk converter instead. They’re an affordable way to get you standing while keeping your monitor and peripherals at a comfortable height that encourages good posture, all without needing to change anything about your existing furniture setup.

Like most furniture, you can spend as much or as little as you like — but you tend to get what you pay for. $200 standing desks aren’t as sturdy as the more costly ones, though once you get beyond $400, you’re really paying for the types of materials used in construction. Real hardwoods can cost well over $1,000 in the most expensive standing desks, so only consider those if you need them to match the rest of your home’s aesthetic, or if budget really isn’t a concern.

A $300-$500 standing desk will typically give you all the power you need for swiftly raising and lowering the desk, and the surface will be attractive and functional. You just might need to wipe up any spills quickly to avoid damaging the laminate.